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Sirius Exploration Geochemistry aids oil and gas companies in making rational, scientifically-sound decisions in their exploration endeavors. We always seek to provide our clients with maximum information of direct exploration interest at minimum cost, and we are sensitive to the fact that not every organization is large or has major-sized budgets for technical work.

Tight budget

Many Sirius products and services can be paid for in installments or in other creative ways.
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Educational software

Novva software will help your staff or students learn about basin modeling. Please click here to request more information.

Training videos

Sirius has published several training videos. Please select the one you’d like to watch first. We recommend them in the order shown.

Hidden Benefits Of 1D Modeling

Building Better 1D Models

Source-Rock Kinetics

Converting A factors

Integrated Geohistory Analysis

IBA competition

Novva software is available at no charge to university teams participating in the AAPG’s IBA competition. Please click here to request Novva licenses for your IBA team and advisor.

I need 1D modeling software
for classes and student projects

We think students should have access to software that provides them the best preparation for the challenges of their first job. We can help you.

Faculty and students alike will love our Novva software for 1D maturity modeling and as a key tool for geologic reconstruction. The academic license for Novva permits use for research and training by all students and faculty.

Your well-trained students will be better geoscientists and have greatly enhanced prospects for employment and success.

You avoid graduating inadequately trained students, who will therefore have poorer job prospects.

I need 1D modeling software
for my research

Novva is ideal for student and faculty research.

Faculty and students will love our Novva software for 1D maturity modeling and geologic reconstruction in their research work. The academic license for Novva permits use for research by all students and faculty.

Using Novva will improve the quality of your research and your presentations in many ways.

Freeware doesn't get the job done very well.

I need 1D modeling software
for my consulting work

Novva will be ideal for your consulting work.

You'll need a separate Novva license for revenue-generating work, which isn't covered by the academic license.

Use of Novva facilitates first-class, cutting-edge consultancy work that will give you an edge on your competitors. The teaching experiences you have with your students and Novva will also enhance your modeling skills for consulting work.

Work done without Novva is likely not to be as insightful or valuable to your clients.

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