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We offer to the petroleum-exploration industry a broad range of geochemical and modeling products.

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Novva, our revolutionary and unique software for geologic investigation and integration, was released on 23 June 2014. Since then we have issued numerous updates that further increase Novva’s power and flexibility, and more are planned.

ORFA converts standard pyrolysis data from a single run on the Rock-Eval, SRA, or Hawk instrument into a set of activation energies, once the user has specified the desired A factor. ORFA will also break the bulk (total-hydrocarbon) kinetics into separate kinetics for oil and gas generation.


Multi-Client Studies

We have completed four multiclient studies to date, One of the studies (mid-2014) is an analysis of the distribution of hydrocarbon stains in the Three Forks Formation of the Williston Basin, with emphasis on possible migration within what has often been considered to be an unconventional play.

A second study completed in June 2015 is a 1D maturity-modeling appraisal of the greater Permian Basin.

Similar 1D maturity modeling studies of the Anadarko Basin and the Powder River Basin were completed in the summer of 2016.

Products Background

Novva software

Our Novva software is a unique and powerful tool for geological investigation and integration. No other 1D modeling software can compare with its technical completeness, multiple options, and built-in aids for modelers. Its interview format allows even inexperienced or occasional users to easily build sophisticated, high-quality models, and to make important new discoveries about the geological history while constructing those models.


ORFA Kinetics Software

ORFA, an acronym for “One Run, Fixed A”, was developed by Sirius jointly with our partners at StratoChem Services. ORFA converts Rock-Eval, SRA, or Hawk pyrolysis data from a single run into a set of activation energies, once the user has specified the desired A factor. ORFA will also break the bulk or total-hydrocarbon kinetics into separate kinetics for oil and gas generation, using a method similar to that published by Waples and Mahadir Ramly (2001).


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You Can Count On Novva software

Novva’s unique interview format guides the user through the model-building and optimization process. Default values are provided for most required data (e.g., lithologies and their properties, compaction methods, correction of downhole temperatures, kerogen kinetics), and clear explanations (with references) are given for all aspects of the model-building process. This comprehensiveness and flexibility offer the user a wide range of options for solving most modeling problems, including reconstruction of events during unconformities using our Integrated Geohistory Analysis.

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Novva Software

SiriusXGC: Introduction to Novva software

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