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How Can Sirius Help You?

Sirius Exploration Geochemistry aids oil and gas companies in making rational, scientifically-sound decisions in their exploration endeavors. We always seek to provide our clients with maximum information of direct exploration interest at minimum cost, and we are sensitive to the fact that not every organization is large or has major-sized budgets for technical work.

Not-for-profit organization

Sirius offers discounts on its Novva and ORFA software for non-profit organizations, such as government entities. Click here to get information about our discounts.

Very small company

Sirius offers discounts on its Novva and ORFA software for companies with fewer than five geoscientists. Click here to inquire about our discounts.

Tight budget

Many Sirius products and services can be paid for in installments or in other creative ways.
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Training videos

Sirius has published several training videos. Please select the one you’d like to watch first. We recommend them in the order shown.

Hidden Benefits Of 1D Modeling

Building Better 1D Models

Source-Rock Kinetics

Converting A factors

Integrated Geohistory Analysis

Educational software

Novva software will help your staff or students learn about basin modeling. Please click here to request more information.

We need the best software for 1D maturity modeling

Novva is the best software available for 1D maturity modeling, including multiwell regional studies. Using Novva will change your life as a geoscientist in ways you can't imagine.

Test Novva to convince yourself of its incomparable power and ease of use, and then buy or lease it.

Better maturity models and a deeper understanding of geologic history will lead to better exploration decisions. Staff morale will increase as work becomes more interesting, rewarding, and successful.

Avoid "tired eyes" and "same old, same old", which lead to poor decisions, boredom, and frustration.

We need a consultant in geochemistry

With nearly five decades of exploration experience, Sirius can help you apply geochemistry to solve exploration problems in the most powerful and advanced ways.

We'll analyze your needs and provide both short- and long-term solutions to your problems.

Correct utilization of all tools in petroleum geochemistry will improve your exploration decisions.

Errors in data interpretation and failure to acquire key data result in larger uncertainties and anxiety about exploration decisions, and in poorer decisions.

We need to carry out a basin-modeling study

Sirius combines its unmatched 1D expertise with 2D/3D modeling using PetroMod or Trinity to give you the widest possible range of options for modeling generation and/or migration.

We'll help you design the best study for your needs, and we'll execute that plan with you or for you.

Information obtained from high-quality basin-modeling studies is invaluable in making exploration decisions at any level of exploration maturity.

If you fail to consider hydrocarbon charging in the context of an integrated geological-history model, your exploration program will lag far behind your best competitors.

We need geochemical data

We at Sirius understand the importance of having large amounts of reliable data. We have a number of data sets available for purchase, and can also help you acquire optimal new geochemical data at minimal cost.

Evaluate Sirius' library of existing multiclient studies, available for immediate delivery in several key basins in the US. Discuss performing new analyses on rock or fluid samples.

The key data you acquire will generate new exploration ideas and foster better exploration decisions.

You avoid making expensive and risky decisions without adequate data.

I need training

Sirius has taught courses and mentored thousands of individuals or groups in more than 25 countries in English and Spanish since 1984. We'll help you design the right training program for your needs.

Decide which Sirius short courses and/or mentoring in geochemistry and basin modeling will be best for your staff and needs.

You and your colleagues will be prepared to meet future challenges.

You avoid having colleagues that lack competence and confidence, and who are poorly connected to external resources.

We need better technical tools

Sirius offers a number of unique software, technical, and conceptual tools that will give basin modeling and geochemistry more-effective roles in your exploration program.

Learn about and evaluate our ORFA and Novva software and the new concepts they put into play. Get informed about our two new direct indicators of hydrocarbon generation -- Extracted Hydrogen Index and Mean Activation Energy. Collaborate in developing new ideas we're working on.

Better tools and ways of thinking lead to a deeper understanding of your plays, and to better exploration decisions. You'll have a decisive edge on your competition.

Stop using ancient approaches that lead to poor decisions. Keep your staff from getting bored and frustrated.

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