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Sirius Exploration Geochemistry aids oil and gas companies in making rational scientifically sound decisions in their exploration endeavors. We always seek to provide our clients with maximum information of direct exploration interest at minimum cost.

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We offer to the petroleum-exploration industry a broad range of geochemical and modeling services and products, If you’re a


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Introducing Novva software

Our Novva software is a unique and powerful tool for geological investigation and integration. No other 1D modeling software can compare with its technical completeness, multiple options, and built-in aids for modelers.

Novva’s interview format allows even inexperienced or occasional users to build sophisticated, high-quality models, and to make new discoveries about the geological history while constructing those models. In addition, Novva offers the largest library available of source-rock kinetics for modeling hydrocarbon generation and cracking, as well as numerous options of graphical output of modeling results

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Novva Software

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Douglas Waples

Doug Waples, founder of Sirius, has worked in geochemistry and basin modeling in the petroleum-exploration industry since 1971. With a PhD in chemistry from Stanford University, he has developed or helped develop much of the current scientific technology, including 1D, 2D, and 3D. He has also taught university and short courses since 1984. He has led modeling studies all over the world for many different clients over more than 30 years. His publications include three books, more than 100 papers and abstracts, and three videos.

Douglas Waples


Anna Kathrin Uffmann

Dr. Anna Uffmann collaborates with Sirius on 2D and 3D modeling projects. She is a Petroleum Systems Analyst who specializes in both Trinity and PetroMod modeling.

Anna Kathrin Uffmann


Petroleum Systems Analyst
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