Regional Studies

All 2D and 3D modeling studies are by definition regional. Most 1D modeling studies are also regional, since we normally model multiple locations rather than simply a single point. All regional studies must be carefully constructed so that geological concepts and data (e.g., ages, lithologies, names) are consistent across the study area. Some of this consistency (e.g., names) is mainly for bookkeeping purposes, but other aspects are much more fundamental. For example, one must develop a consistent geologic model for the entire study area (and possibly beyond the boundaries of the study area proper) in order to build the best models possible. In addition, all geologic trends (lithology, erosion, heat flow, etc.) must vary in geologically reasonable ways across the study area.

At Sirius Exploration Geochemistry, we carry out regional 1D modeling studies of maturity, as well as 2D and 3D migration modeling studies. We use our Novva software for 1D modeling, which can also be used as a foundation for 2D and 3D models with other basin modeling software. We use Petromod (from Schlumberger) to conduct our 2D and 3D studies. 1D, 2D, and 3D models can be built on a range of scales, from basin to prospect, depending on the needs of the client, and on the availability of input data.

We strongly prefer to work in direct collaboration with our clients, since they can provide local expertise that we would not always be able to duplicate if we were working alone. The final collaborative product is thus much more likely to be robust and of maximum value for our client’s exploration program and decisions. This work plan also provides training to our clients in both the technology and philosophy of basin modeling, as well as in integrated geological thinking.