Powder River Basin maturity modeling study

This multiclient study reconstructs the depositional, tectonic, and thermal history of the Powder River Basin. The study includes 75 wells distributed isotropically across the basin. Particular attention was paid to creating a fully integrated geologic model from the Cambrian to present day. Models were calibrated using log porosities, corrected wireline log temperatures, and a variety of thermal indicators, particularly Mean Ea and Ro. Hydrocarbon generation history was calculated for ten different proposed source rocks, and the potential for preserving hydrocarbons against cracking was examined in reservoirs of all ages.

This study has been delivered, and is currently for sale to the public. We anticipate that this study will become the gold standard for assessing the thermal history and maturity levels in the Powder, and thus will be an essential source of information for any company that wants to explore scientifically in the Powder River Basin.

Map of Powder River Basin

Figure 1. Map of the Powder River Basin, showing the locations of the 75 wells used in this study.

Representative Geohistory plot

Figure 2. Geohistory plot for a typical well in the Powder River Basin, showing proposed tectonic events and tectonic subsidence (red line). Plot was created using our Novva software.

Ro profile

Figure 3. Present-day calculated Ro profile and measured Ro values at a modeled location in the deep part of the Powder River Basin. Plot was created using our Novva software.

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