What is Activation?

Activation of software means that a specific product key for the software becomes associated with the hardware the software is installed on. Once you have used the product key for the specified number of times on the same or different computers, that product key can no longer be used for activation on other computers.

Activation is mandatory, even for trial versions. Activation helps reduce software counterfeiting, which helps ensure that customers receive the software quality they expect. Note that the product key you receive for trial versions will be the same product key used for the full version, should you decide to purchase a full, individual license. After you purchase a full individual license, we will simply change the license code’s properties on our servers, which will propagate to your copy of Novva.

During activation, product key information is sent to Sirius Exploration Geochemistry, Inc. The product key information includes:

  • The product code, which is an alphanumeric code that identifies the product you are activating.
  • The date of activation
  • Information that helps confirm that the product key information has not been altered.
  • A number generated from the computer’s hardware configuration that uniquely identifies the computer. This number does not represent any personal information. It also cannot be used to determine the make or model of the computer and it cannot be decrypted to determine any additional information about your computer.

Novva can detect and accept changes to your PC configuration. Minor upgrades of your computer’s hardware do not require re-activation. If you uninstall Novva, however, you might be required to activate your copy of Novva again. Some changes to your computer components or to Novva itself might require you to reactivate the software.

You might also be asked to reactivate your copy of the software. If this happens, an Activation Wizard might allow you to obtain more information online about the status of your license and how to resolve activation issues. Choosing to obtain information online about the status of your license sends the same information normally sent during activation.

Note that if your company purchases floating licenses, then activation is only necessary for the floating license server, not for the individual installations of Novva.   If you are not using floating licenses, then if you do not activate or (if requested) reactivate your copy of Novva, you will not be able to use Novva.

Product keys cannot be used to activate Novva on virtual machines because virtual machines have no hardware of their own. Floating licenses, however, can be used with installations of Novva on virtual machines (although the floating license server must be installed on a real machine).

None of the information collected through activation or reactivation is used to personally identify you, other than the information already given to us as part of the purchasing process. In certain cases, such as when activation is done by using a volume licensing key or when your product is being checked to see if it is genuine, none of the information related to activation is sent to Sirius Exploration Geochemistry, Inc.