“Novva has been a great tool to use in my research and I am incredibly excited by the results.  Its power and ease of use is unlike anything I have used before.”

– Anthony Sarnoski, graduate student, U. of North Dakota

“I’ve used basin modelling software for over 25 years for both consultancy and teaching purposes. I have found that Novva surpasses all other 1D programs I have used in both its comprehensive approach and its structure. The software leads the user through the process. There is no need to open an inch thick instruction manual to try to decipher what to do next or which menu to go to. On the Novva journey the user follows a logical method of data entry, is kept informed of how and why these data are used and is encouraged to utilize as much geological information as possible. There are extensive libraries of key references, kerogen kinetics and analogue basins to aid the user. The graphical output is clear and very pleasing, again, this sets a new benchmark for other similar software. Above all else, this is a piece of software that is easy to use, does not require the user to take a course in how to use the software and something that a casual user could pick up and utilize to full effect.”

– Anonymous, Consultant in basin modeling

“We have recently switched to Novva as our main 1D Geochemical modelling software on the Petroleum Geoscience Masters course at the University of Manchester, UK.  It has proved to be very effective; easy to learn and producing a reliable and geologically meaningful product. It seems to be written with the user in mind, as it guides you through the key steps. I like the logical structure, great help facilities and background supporting information. Feedback from students and staff alike has been very positive. I can see this becoming the software of choice for geologists in the oil industry.”  

– Jonathan Redfern, Professor of Petroleum Geoscience, University of Manchester

 “During my MSc research project I used Novva for the first time to carry out my 1D Geochemical modelling of the Walvis Basin, Namibia. This software was very easy to use as it guided you through every step of the modelling process, with help available at each stage if there was something you did not understand. The software also will not let you progress to the next stage of modelling if an input has been incorrectly placed into the model, this is very good as it allows your models to be as accurate as possible. The software goes through the modelling process in an easy to follow, methodical way which is very user friendly and is easy to understand. The outputs of this software are visually appealing and can be easily interpreted, with a wide range of outputs available. Novva is an excellent piece of modelling software that produces high quality models using a very user friendly approach. I would look forward to using Novva in the future if the opportunity arose.”

– John Griffiths, MSc Student at the University of Manchester

“Novva is a software that can be picked up and used by anyone with a geoscience background and does not require prior experience in 1D Modelling. My first encounter with Novva was through my MSc project at the University of Manchester. Its interview based input process insures all data required is in place whilst at the same time educating the user in the need for specific inputs through information and help links. Its outputs are meaningful, easily interpreted and produce clear graphics. I hope to be able to use Novva through any future projects and would recommend its use to anyone undertaking regional geochemical assessments and exploration.”

– Madelaine Hundsal, MSc Student at the University of Manchester

“I used the Novva software whilst completing my MSc dissertation and found it to be a clear and intuitive program that produced aesthetic and meaningful outputs. The step-by-step layout, help instructions and error cues were extremely useful when getting to know the software and ensures the user is inputting geologically sound parameters for each model. The logical layout certainly sets it apart from other such software and along with the high quality outputs would make it my clear preference when undertaking such work in the future.”

– Spencer James, MSc Petroleum Geoscience student, University of Manchester

“I found Novva to be a very logical and comprehensive 1D basin modeling software with a solid user-centered design. All skill levels will benefit from the graphical interface and ability to pull up pertinent reference material during the modeling process.”

– Kirk Wagenvelt, graduate student, Western Michigan University

“On behalf of the UTSA Imperial Barrel Award Team I would like to express our gratitude for the generous donation of the Novva software suite. The thermal and subsidence models we produced with Novva were pivotal to our findings. Thank you very much for your generosity.”

– Nick Quante and the University of Texas at San Antonio IBA team