Novva, our revolutionary and unique software for geologic investigation and integration, was released on 23 June 2014. Since then we have issued numerous updates that further increase Novva’s power and flexibility. The video below shows some of Novva’s many valuable features.

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Novva models burial and thermal history, as well as maturity and hydrocarbon generation, in ways similar to other 1D modeling software. However, Novva establishes and achieves three major additional objectives that make it the tool of choice for 1D modeling, and for enhancing geologic understanding and generating new exploration ideas.

  • Novva’s unique interview format guides the user through the model-building and optimization process. Default values are provided for most required data (e.g., lithologies and their properties, compaction methods, correction of downhole temperatures, kerogen kinetics), and clear explanations (with references) are given for all aspects of the model-building process. This comprehensiveness and flexibility offer the user a wide range of options for solving most modeling problems.
  • Novva relieves modelers of many tedious and difficult burdens by performing automatic correction of downhole temperature data, and automatic optimization of porosity and present-day temperatures. Modeling thus becomes much faster and easier, and the results are more consistent.

New Novva 1Regionally-optimized porosity of sandstones for a study on the Colorado Plateau, Western US. All data shown are from cores. The compaction equation used here is Novva’s default for sandstones–the modified Scherer equation. This regional optimization was carried out automatically by Novva in just a few seconds. Novva utilizes core and log porosities differently in the optimization process.

  • Novva is a unique and powerful tool that encourages and facilitates learning about and understanding of the geologic history of the study area. By helping the user consider and understand a variety of relevant local and regional geological phenomena, and by integrating those phenomena with each other, Novva enables the user to create an realistic integrated geological history of the basin. As examples, the user will reconstruct the events that occurred during unconformities more accurately and logically; will take into consideration properly the rates of depositional and erosional events; will understand relationships among tectonics, rates, and lithologies; and will establish a thermal history that is consistent with both the tectonic history and the measured thermal indicators.

Novva also focuses on helping the user choose the most-reliable and most-appropriate hydrocarbon-generation kinetics for each source rock. Options include using different kinetics for different hydrocarbon products (e.g., oil and gas), and converting inappropriate A factors and activation-energy distributions to acceptable ones (e.g. Waples, 2016). Novva also contains the largest library of published kinetics, and provides a simple means to QC and modify those values when necessary.

Novva has been developed with the aid and collaboration of many specialists. Among its unique features resulting from these collaborations are:

  • Automatic reconstruction of paleolatitude through time using licensed algorithms from Prof. Christopher Scotese and the Paleomap Project.
  • Automatic reconstruction of paleoelevation and paleobathymetry from a variety of semiquantitative data.
  • Automatic calculation of surface temperature through time as using Novva’s proprietary function that takes into account latitude, climate, and elevation or water depth at each time step in the past.

New Novva 2Paleolatitude and paleosurface temperature reconstructed automatically by Novva for a location in the Appalachian Basin of the Eastern US. Paleolatitude was calculated using the licensed algorithms of the Paleomap Project and the present-day latitude and longitude specified by the user. Surface temperature was calculated using proprietary algorithms that take into account latitude, global climate, water depth, and elevation at each time step.

  • Automatic calculation of the effect of Airy isostasy on elevation and water depth through time. A future version of Novva will include a partially supported isostasy model as an alternative.
  • Automatic calculation of tectonic subsidence, loading subsidence, and total subsidence.
  • Automatic inclusion of eustasy, derived with the aid of Prof. Michelle Kominz.
  • Automatic reconstruction of the effects of global climate in the past on surface temperature, taking into account the fact that a change in global climate has different effects at different latitudes.

New Novva 3Automatic reconstruction of paleoelevation/paleobathymetry for a model in the Appalachian Basin of the Eastern US using data or concepts entered by the user (cyan blocks representing depth ranges in marine realm, blue points in the nonmarine section). Novva’s initial automatic linkage of those data is shown as blue points and blue lines. The final automatic interpolation by Novva (green line) includes the effects of isostasy and eustasy.

  • Specification by the user of tectonic events that created the basin and modified the geologic history at each location, and use of geohistory curves to test the correctness of those tectonic concepts.

New Novva 4Geohistory plot for the Delaware Basin of West Texas, US, with three important tectonic events superimposed for reference.

  • Automatic comparison of the proposed tectonic model with other examples that were affected by the same tectonic events, in order to see if the proposed tectonic model is the best explanation for the observed geologic history.
  • Easy compilation of data obtained from multiple models into a regional study, with maps of all input and output variables.

Click here to watch our “Hidden Benefits of 1-D Modeling” video, which shows how using Novva can benefit you in many typically overlooked ways.

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