Multi-Client Studies

We have completed four multiclient studies to date, One of the studies (mid-2014) is an analysis of the distribution of hydrocarbon stains in the Three Forks Formation of the Williston Basin, with emphasis on possible migration within what has often been considered to be an unconventional play. A second study completed in July 2015 is a 1D maturity-modeling appraisal of the greater Permian Basin. Similar 1D maturity modeling studies of the Anadarko Basin and the Powder River Basin were completed in the summer of 2016. Please click on the appropriate links for information about any or all of these studies, which are available for purchase and immediate delivery. Please contact us for further information.

Obvious advantages of participating in multiclient studies are reduced cost and access to samples and data that would otherwise be unavailable.

If you are interested in having us consider creating a multiclient study in a particular area, domestic or international, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.