Mission Statement

Sirius Exploration Geochemistry aids oil and gas companies in making rational, scientifically-sound decisions in their exploration endeavors. We always seek to provide our clients with maximum information of direct exploration interest, at minimum cost. Our focus is on answering those questions of greatest importance in making landmark exploration decisions, such as acreage acquisition or relinquishment, and high-grading of exploration blocks. Our expertise and unique technologies are key in predicting maturity levels and hydrocarbon properties, finding sweet spots within a conventional or unconventional play, understanding petroleum systems, reconstructing integrated geologic histories, and developing new play concepts.

To achieve these objectives, Sirius Exploration Geochemistry, together with its colleagues at StratoChem Services, Fluid Inclusion Technologies (FIT), SGS Horizon, and Décollement Consulting, commits itself to full and creative utilization of all available information and technology, excellent discharge of its duties, and complete reliability and integrity in pursuit of full client satisfaction.