Technology & Applications of Source Rock Kinetics

Click on one or more of the links below to download various published and unpublished manuscripts on source-rock kinetics. The “Peters” manuscript is a rebuttal of the recent AAPG Bulletin paper by Peters et al. that criticized our one-run kinetics method, while the “Source-rock kinetics” paper provides our appraisal of the present-day technology and applications of source-rock kinetics.

Waples response to Peters paper.pdf
Waples – Source-rock kinetics.pdf

The paper by Peters et al. (2015) criticizing the one-run kinetics method (see link above for the response by Doug Waples to that paper, and its full citation) contained an incorrect reference to an unpublished manuscript by us. That unpublished manuscript was cited in their paper as “Waples and Nowaczewski, 2013”. That manuscript was subsequently revised but has not been published. It is the paper in the link above entitled “Waples – Source-rock kinetics”. For those interested in the document actually cited by Peters et al. but never published in that form, please download from the following link.

Waples and Nowaczewski 2013.pdf

Please note that this earlier unpublished version is of historical interest only, and is included here only to provide access to the work cited by Peters et al. (2015). Other users should instead download the “Waples – Source rock kinetics” paper.