Anadarko Basin maturity modeling study

This in-progress multiclient study will reconstruct the depositional, tectonic, erosional, and thermal history of the Anadarko Basin. It will include about 60 to 70 wells distributed isotropically across the basin. Particular attention will be paid to creating a fully integrated geologic model from the Cambrian to present day. Models will be calibrated using log porosities, corrected wireline log temperatures, and thermal indicators (Mean Ea and Ro). We anticipate some very interesting new results from our full integration of the tectonic history with the heat-flow history and the measured values for thermal indicators. Hydrocarbon-generation history will be calculated for all plausible source rocks, and the potential for preserving hydrocarbons against cracking will be examined in reservoirs of all ages.

This study is open for subscription, with a discount offered to early subscribers. We anticipate that this study will provide important new insight that will lead to reassessment of the thermal history and maturity levels in the basin. It will thus be an essential source of information for any company that wants to explore the Anadarko Basin using the most-modern ideas and technologies. The results will be significant for both conventional and unconventional exploration.

Our anticipated release date for this study is Summer 2016. For subscription information, including current pricing, please contact us.